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Funding Strategy

The New Zealand Debt Management Office’s funding strategy aims to support the Treasury’s vision of higher living standards for New Zealanders.

The New Zealand Debt Management Office (NZDMO) funding strategy is achieved by ensuring that:

  • the composition of the core Crown debt portfolio and funding programmes are structured to optimise Crown balance sheet risk and return outcomes over the long term

  • liquidity, market, credit and operational risks are well managed within the Crown’s risk appetite – read more about our approach to risk management

  • execution of funding programmes is conducted in a transparent, even-handed and consistent manner, supporting the efficient and sustainable functioning of New Zealand capital markets

  • investor and intermediary confidence and participation are maintained, and

  • access to debt markets is sufficiently maintained to provide a general fiscal buffer for the Crown against possible shocks.

At present, debt issuance is focused on domestic-currency securities, including:

Bond portfolio as at 29 June 2018 - market outstandings

Note: In addition there is approximately NZD 4 billion in Treasury Bills outstanding.


Last updated: 
Monday, 2 July 2018